In case of an accident, we have the following insurance coverage.

1. Unlimited bodily injury compensation

2. Unlimited property damage (100,000 yen deductible)

3. Bodily injury: 50 million yen (per passenger only)

4. Vehicle insurance: Market value (100,000 yen deductible)

5. Road service is also available.

*The following are examples of actions that cannot be insured or compensated for.
●If there is no police report (proof of accident)         
●If there is no contact with us from the scene of the accident
●In the event of an accident caused by a driver who is not registered with us.
●Any damage to the interior or exterior of the vehicle other than a traffic accident.
●In the event of a violation of our rental agreement.
●In the event that the insurance policy exemptions apply.

Collision Damage Waiver

*If you sign up for this program before your departure, you will receive
(100,000 yen deductible for property damage) and (100,000 yen deductible for vehicle insurance)

=We will cover up to 200,000 yen.


Non-Operation Charge

In the event that the vehicle is involved in an accident, theft, breakdown, defacement, etc., and cannot be returned to us because it is unable to drive itself, the customer will be charged the following fees. (Please note that this is different from Collision Damage Waiver.)

In the event that the vehicle that caused the accident needs to be repaired, the following amount will be charged as part of the business compensation for the vehicle, regardless of the extent of the damage or the period of repair.

○In the event that the vehicle cannot be returned to our store or to the place where it was originally scheduled to be returned because it cannot drive itself: 100,000 yen

○If the vehicle can be returned to us or to the place where it was originally intended to be returned: 50,000 yen